Resuming after Data Validation - Process moving to different Machine/Robot

Hi Everyone,
I’m working in a project involving document understanding technology, however, recently I’ve noticed something weird. I’m using wait and resume for validation action activity and the bot goes to suspended state when validation is needed, but the machine where I deployed this process also has a dispatcher which runs every few minutes, so during if during the time dispatcher is running the process wants to resume back, it automatically moves to another bot machine, and since all are floating bots in modern folders I’m not able to stop this. I have also configure bot/machine map in trigger still no use, plz help in making the process wait in the same machine and resume after another process is finished running.


What if you check “Keep Account/Machine allocation on job resumption” for the job with wait and resume activity? It’s working in my case.

Thanks for the response, and yes I have that enabled in the trigger but still no luck.

Hi @Mohammed_Anas ,

Have you checked the below Docs :

Was the account and machine configured when creating the process ?

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Hello Brother,
I just noticed from the documentation you attached here, that my process is background and it will run in any available machine, I will disable the ‘run in background’ option in my project and try.
Thanks in advance for the help :+1:t4:

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