Wait for Job and Resume's strange behavior

Hi. I have a process with Persistence support. I start a job which in it I’m using Wait for Job and Resume to suspend the process until the other job gets completed. But after the completion of that other job, as I’m watching Jobs dashboard in Orchestrator, the second job’s state changes to Successful and the first process which has started the second job goes to “Resuming” state and then “Pending Allocation”. My first question is, why is there an allocation here? And my second question is the allocation normally never selects the starting process but randomly other robots!? Why’s that? I created an Environment called “Users” which every robot regardless of the type has that. Is that the case here? If yes, isn’t this a bad design? I just wanted to wait for the second process to finish and the first process continue working.

Thank you.

Edit: Now I can’t stop the job, the buttons are disabled and of course I cannot remove the process anymore: