Wait for Job and Resume's strange behavior

Hi. I have a process with Persistence support. I start a job which in it I’m using Wait for Job and Resume to suspend the process until the other job gets completed. But after the completion of that other job, as I’m watching Jobs dashboard in Orchestrator, the second job’s state changes to Successful and the first process which has started the second job goes to “Resuming” state and then “Pending Allocation”. My first question is, why is there an allocation here? And my second question is the allocation normally never selects the starting process but randomly other robots!? Why’s that? I created an Environment called “Users” which every robot regardless of the type has that. Is that the case here? If yes, isn’t this a bad design? I just wanted to wait for the second process to finish and the first process continue working.

Thank you.

Edit: Now I can’t stop the job, the buttons are disabled and of course I cannot remove the process anymore:

Hi @atoi,

while I did not encounter you problem, I am currently gathering some experience with the persistence package and the orchestration process template.

I my experience the allocation looks for the next best available robot in the environment. If there is none available it waits until there is one. But I assume that you checked this and that there is at least one robot available in your Users environment.

I noticed that you started the suspenden/resumend process in an attended mode (started by Agent). Maybe the starting in an attended mode was not considered by UiPath, since the persistance package goes hand in hand with the orchestration process template (at least according to UiPath and its academy). And since it is in attended mode it might not be able to allocate it properly to other robots (maybe even not the original robot anymore)

Additionally the Agent mode will probably also be the reason why you cannot stop or kill the job. Attended mode does not allow an intervention from orchestrator.

Have you tried starting the process with the persistance package in orchestrator (Manual) instead attended on you machine?


FYI: I just ran into the same problem.
I accidentally clicken on “start the orchestration process” as an attended process.
I do not know why, but the process is now in Suspenden mode waiting for allocation on the orchestrator and does not allocate itself. I cannot kill, stop or do anything with the process in orchestrator since it had been started by an agent. And also I cannot do anything with the process on the machine since it had not been allocated to it.
Seems like a deadlock to me.

Edit: The process is not configured as a background process.

Honestly, I do not remember how I initiated my problemsome process because it’s been a time now but the final behaviour was like your experience. It couldn’t be stopped, removed, killed… nothing. All I thought was to access the Orchestrator database and remove the record from there but I do not know the schema for the db. @CosminV maybe this is one example to know the db’s schema or a missing feature?