Resume Parser/New ML model Creation

Hi anybody has tried to extract data from different forms of resumes in a folder ,using UiPath Documentation ?Can we create a new ML model ?since there are nothing for resumes yet .

You can use Sovren api within your UiPath automation solutions.

Sovren takes resume (doc, pdf, images) and return a json with special details extracted from the file you send via api.

I have used Sovren API for resume parsing, it’s been used by many popular system as well for resume parsing. However you can use UiPath document understanding intelligent keyword classifier whereas you need to further implement details logic for processing resume.

Hi, Can you please explain in detail how do you use sovren api for resume parsing?

Hi Archana,

Kindly refer to the sovren documentations- Sovren | Documentation

Basically, you need to call their API using your UiPath automation solutions using a POST API call to pass the resume file then call GET API to receive the parsed results. After that, you using the JSON results to perform your business process using the UiPath Bot.

Let us know if you need any further details. :call_me_hand:

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Subhas Malik

You can try RChilli resume parser API as well.