Resume Extraction with AI Center


I would like to extract information from resumes (name, skills, phone number…) and for that purpose, I am doing research about existing solutions within UiPath. I found that there is an out-of-the-box ML model named NER which can extract 18 types of fields like countries, names, etc…

My question is: do you have already test this model and have a feedback? do you may know another way to handle this task?

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Hi @melanie ,

The models are not 100% mature but you can use it and train them if some new scenario appears.

Other way to do this is to read Resume of doc or pdf format and use regex or string manipulation to pull that data.

Hi @melanie
We also have a new retrainable NER model which is in review today. You may want to try it for this use case if you have a dataset available.
FYI @Vishal_Motwani

Hi @ermanoj3101, @melanie , I recommend converting this open dataset in CoNLL 2003 format and trying out the Custom NER model here

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