Machine Learning Extractor for the Resume

Hi Team,

I am very new to UIpath and trying to learn the UIpath studio /AI center.
As I can see many prebuild package available for the Invoice , purchase order etc. under AI center for creation of ML package and ML skill.
But there is nothing related to Resume.
I am trying to create ML package and ML skill for different resume format.
Can anyone guide me how to create ML package and ML skill for the resume.
Any help will be much appreciated.

Manoj Kannaujiya


There is nothing created for resumes. Jeremy and Vishal from Uipath team suggested to me to use NER model. Please check the topic : Resume Extraction with AI Center - #2 by ermanoj3101

You will need to have a big training dataset, either found in the web and already annotated, or annotated manually by yourself.

Good luck

Hi Melanie,

Thanks for your reply !
I already created one dataset and data labeling, under data labeling, I have used 10 different format of resume and export it, which is available in the data set as a export.
once my data set is ready , I created a ML package using out of the box package (UIPath document understanding - Document understanding) after creation of this, I have created ML skill and using the same ML skill in my studio.
I have noticed two things here–

  1. During machine learning extractor configuration , I am not getting the Data set fields from the AI center for the mapping with my Taxonomy document, so I have defined those fields manually.

2 After completion of the Studio flow chart, when I am running the flow getting below error.

kindly help me how to fix this issue ,also why I am not getting the capabilities from the AI center, which I have already defined during the labeling.

kindly suggest me if I have done something wrong or missed anything.

Manoj Kannaujiya


According to your screenshot, it seems like the response returned by the AI Center is empty, that’s why you cannot retrieve the fields. I never used ML Skills so I cannot help you very much… Maybe it’s because you just put 10 resumes and the program needs more to be trained and returns you an answer? Did you use your own algorithm or one of UiPath?

I hope that someone else can help you!

Best regards,