Restricting Access To Swagger APIs For On Prem Orchestrator Due To Security Concern

How to restrict access to swagger APIs ?

Follow the below steps to make swagger forbidden from access

  1. Goto your IIS server
  2. Click localhost (example- LAPTOP1(domain\username))
  3. Navigate to URL Rewrite and double click URL Rewrite
  4. Click Add Rule on right hand side![](upload://fPeG94Vcpj5GtUAm89z5an4uNXo.html)
  5. Double click Request blocking
  6. Configure the details in Add request blocking rule page as shown below![](upload://qzl4VsVzQ9DXxcARMEZh3GjDY0z.html)
  7. Click OK
  8. Restart the server
  9. Now the swagger page is forbidden.