How To Find An API Call For Functionality Not Covered By API Documentation ?

How to generate API call in the Orchestrator UI and find it in Swagger for both On-Prem and Cloud ?

Example: The Disable Trigger option

  1. Navigate to <Orchestrator_URL>/tenant/triggers
  2. Set up a trigger or ensure that there are existing triggers to test on
  3. Press F12/load Developer Console
  4. Clear Network Logs
  5. Toggle Trigger three dot menu
  6. Click "Disable"
  7. Review Network Logs and identify row where the API call was made. This looks like a row where the Request URL has "/odata/" in it:
  1. Navigate to <Orchestrator_URL>/swagger/index.html
  2. Make sure to click the Authorize button and sign in otherwise you will receive a 401 unauthorized exception when trying to test any API calls:
  1. Find and click the ProcessSchedules dropdown.
  2. Click on the /odata/ProcessSchedules/UiPath.Server.Configuration.OData.SetEnabled bar.
  3. Click on the "Try it out" button to test building your API call:
  1. To secure the scheduleId, return to your browser network logs, navigate to the row right after your api call (ProcessSchedules?$top=10...) and click on the Preview tab of the row.
  2. Expanding the dropdowns should give you an Id of 50025:ProcessScheduleId.JPG
  3. Enter this id into "scheduleIds" and "false" in "enabled" in your Swagger Try it out body field, reset your trigger by clicking Enable in the Orchestrator UI, and then click Execute in Swagger:​​​​​​​Execute.JPG
  4. Refresh the Orchestrator page and the trigger should now be disabled.