Restict some numerics from the keyboard in input dialog box

Hi all,

im trying to block some user inputs like number from giving input dialog.
eg. input dialog box shoudl’t allow numerics, i should restrict numerics from keyboard
how can i do this…? Pls help me to do this

Thanks in Advance

We can do this type of restrictions in WinForms because we can add key listeners and if characters match with any numeric, ignore the key.

I doubt it we can do with uipath.

As an alternative you can do a simple check if the entered text contains any number, show a warning message and ask the user to re-enter.

Karthik Byggari

thank yoou for your responce Mr.Karthik, i have tried to give another error message after matching,
actaully it should not allow user to enter numbers while in typing it self.
any idea

Unfortunately no. We don’t have such restrictions in UIPath.
The only option we have is to do the post validation of user input.

Karthik Byggari

I belive this would be possible with the newly introduced forms.
Please see

Hi @vamshiRaghava_Midjil

Try something like this in Parallel Activity, as we can not restrict while type however we can do this in Parallel