Limit input characters in the "Text-field component" present in UiPath forms designer

I need to restrict a user to not enter more than 10 characters in the “Text-field component”. I have tried entering 10 in “Maximum Length” present under “Validation” section of the component but not able to get the result.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

use flowchart for this take the data from the use Store into the Use_input variable is string
Then Condition user_input.length<=10
if condition match go for the next or if false send the user to give the proper input simple

Chethan P

if you got the soltion please mark it as solution and close the thread

Chethan P

Hi, I am not suppose to use the “Input Dialog” activity. I want to put restriction in the form designer only.

you can give the condition like what i mentioned in above try like that if its work well other wise i will try in another way

HI @Arun_Kumar4

Create a loop in a workflow (you could use regex to ensure that the user has only entered 4 digits from 0-9)

Correct if it is from 0-9 digits. otherwise, it is just = 9

For Regex, you could use the ‘Is Match’ activity with ^[0-9]{9}$

You can then [feedback] in a message box they have entered incorrect input.

Hope it will help you

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