Restarting a Workflow when a exeption is thrown

I have a Process that sometimes throws a exeption because of various Reasons (bad Internet Connection, sites loading to fast or to slow). When it Stops because of a Exeptions i want it to restart from the Beginning. I dont want it to just go on after the exeption like a stand try catch activity would. Do you guys have any Idea how i could achive that?
thanks in adcance

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Have a look at REFramework, it is the solution you are looking for.

REFramework has a such good recovery mechanism, where you can set how many times it is supposed to retry in case of failure.

In addition, there are other features as well, such as logging mechanism, error handling, configuration file, etc.

There are a lot of things to study about it, and you can start with RPA Developer Foundation course in UiPath Academy. There is a lesson that gives an overview about it.

After that, you can go through RPA Developer Advanced course where focus on REFramework.