Restart Workflow

Hello people.
Can someone tell me how to restart my workflow if there are any errors in any activity within that workflow?

You mean if an activity fails, you want to restart the workflow? or if one transaction item fails among those, you want to try that again?

For the second scenario, you can use framework directly

the first one.

Here the thing is, if the workflow fails for the second time also, then?

So, it will be an infinite loop or you need to check why it is failing?

If you want to try the same activity again when it fails, you can use retry scope and if you want the entire workflow to run again(I’m specifically mentioning, if you have a workflow that needs to be started again when any activity inside it fails), use try catch activity and place the workflow in both try and catch so that if it fails for the first time, the same will run for the second time also in the catch


I tried using try-catch with a sequence inside try, but when an action within that sequence fails uipath returns me an error message and stops the process. I am starting workflow in debug mode.

Place the same workflow in catch also and run the workflow, not in the debug mode

Thanks, it worked.

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