How can I make the process to restart if it fails (without framework)?

Hi, I have a longer process that needs to start from the beginning if an error occurs. The thing is that it can run fine the second time without any changes as some involved applications have a strange loading behaviour. I know restarting is not the best option but it is currently a quick fix until I fully understand the problems.
Expected behavior: Process starts -> Error (-> Optional: Close files) -> Process restarts

I already have the process itself in a flowgraph and I would like to have a simple solution to restart on error. Changing everything into the framework is not really an option.
Thanks a lot for advice :slight_smile:

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You just need to used the Try/Catch Activities and invoke the first process in case of catch error.

If i really understand your problem :slight_smile:


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Make different try catch where it can crash and create a variable (hasError boolean). At the end try to restart your process if there is an error with condition activity.

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Thank you for the reply.
What activity does restart the whole process (from green Start)?
My workflow looks like this

Just make a link to read config. And before close your applications etc

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Okay, I will try it like this.

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