Restart linear reframework when system excep is encountered

how to restart linear reframework when system excep is encountered , here is my current implementation

can you upload your project zip here

@jack.chan This is the repo and code I am using GitHub - ManiPrajwal/RE-Framework-for-Linear-Process: A starter workflow for RE Framework for Linear Processes

it automatically retrys if theres a system exception, you just have to set the max retry count in the Config.xlsx file in the “Constants sheet”

is this the config file on Data/Config ?

yes, you can configure the path here (its defaulted to Data\Config.xlsx

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By the way Sir in this linear process is the [Screenshot of Exception] has been handled by default ? Thanks

yes,bot will take screenshot when system exception happens (but not for business exception). you can see that logic here

@jack.chan how do we conifgure reframework to take exception screenshot on the initialization if there is an exception in the initialization that occurerd?