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how can a robot interact with a web form. For example if someone fills in a web form and clicks submit. When someone clicks submit the robot should get the details.

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Hi Buddy @Tapiwa

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Fine…kindly correct me if i have understood the query wrongly

in order to fill the details its common that we can use click and type into activities…with which we can fill in the data

but if we want to extract the data from the web form which is already filled we can use following activities buddyy like

  1. get text
  1. scrape relative
  1. anchor base activity
  1. Ocr Activities

Kindly try these options and let know buddy
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If you are interacting with custom input from the user using a web form you can actually use the Custom Input Activity.

Here you can present a simple web form (html) and request the user to fill the details and can access the same in the UIPath.

Here you can find the sample html and xaml how to do the same.

Karthik Byggari