UiPath.Excel.Activities.AppendRange - maximum file size

Is there a file size limit, for example, for using an append range? I have a file (XLSX) which is about 120’000 KB and for which I do not get a response even after more than 7 minutes. The process runs and runs and runs and no exception is thrown. Does anyone know the problem? Before the current Studio update there was always a RemoteException after about 60 seconds. I could not catch this with a try catch and the process (not just the transaction) was terminated without processing the open queues. Now, however, not even an exception is thrown.

Is there a solution or workaround here? Who can help me?

ps: current studio version 2022.10.3

Hi @jael.koller

Try with these settings on excel scope

Alternately use workbook append range instead of excel append range if that is feasible

Generally Excel scope might fail when data is very high


Thank you for the answer. Unfortunately I could not verify this yet, but I will test this in the next few days.

I tested both of the variants today, unfortunately without success. After more than 5 minutes I cancelled the execution manually, because nothing happened (also no excpetion). Are there any other ideas which I could test?

Hi @jael.koller

Is the data that is being appended is also huge?

if so…Try incremental append

Break the data into multiple chunks and then add it

May be for 1000 together and then in loop


No, the file I am trying to attach is only 2 KB in size. However, the target file is 120’000 KB and opening it manually takes about 40 seconds. The target file contains about 40 spreadsheets. So the problem is definitely with the target file. Unfortunately, the execution is not even aborted anymore, which is very unpleasant and should not be from my point of view.

A timeout scope is not helpful either


Please check the excel limits as well


Is there an activity for this that automatically checks these Excel limits? If so, I could include them in advance.


Inside excel scope may be you can try using this for row count


Mostly thats the limit we might excel