Response time of a web page


i am filling up an application form.

so i want to get the response time of a web page after hitting the submit button.

how am i suppose to do it?


@diptojyotidutta So you want to get the Time when the page gets loaded after hitting the Submit Button?

yes exactly @supermanPunch

@diptojyotidutta Can you tell me Is there anything in the web page that gets Loaded at the Last just by Observing ?

No i can’t say but i can tel you what i have done. i have simply build 3 google forms and as a result every from has a submit button in the end. so i want to check the response time of each form.
i have taken google forms for testing purpose

@diptojyotidutta If it’s a Google Form , i think there will be a “Thank you for your Response” Kind of Message after Submssion, Won’t it be Present?

yes it is present. now i want to know the time of this response as in the main project i will be required to open many forms in different browsers at one go. so that’s why i need to tell the response time of the pages

@diptojyotidutta I guess what you can do is Before Clicking on the Submit Button :
Assign the value, Now.TimeOfDay to a TimeSpan variable type, say beforeSubmit

then use Element Exists to Detect “Thank you for the Response” Message, So if if it is Found, use another TimeSpan Variable and Assign the value Now.TimeOfDay, Next you can calculate the Differenc between Both Values and get the Duration

Hop this is Understandable :sweat_smile:

Thanks, @supermanPunch for having patience with me. I will let you know if it works

Thanks once again @supermanPunch, it worked!

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