Reset Password on every 45 days

Hi Folks,

My requirement is I need to reset password for every 45 days and password should be like 1st password - abc!2023 after 45 days abc@2023 and next one like abc#2023 like this password should be changed automatically with different symbols and respective year.

Kindly help me to build this logic.

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Suganya. S

Hi @suganya1 ,

For this, you need to save the date on which password has changed some where eg.Excel, Db.
And when the days reached to 45. Change the password.

Format for your requirement is below, for special char use any charac which is not in the current password

Current password = abc@2023

newPassword = abc
just concat the above values.

Hope it will help.


Hi @suganya1 ,

You can try the following:

"abc"+SymbolsArray((new Random).Next(0,SymbolsArray.Count-1))+now.Year.ToString



Thank you Vishal let me try this expression and tell you.

Suganya. S

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