Reset password automatically and update KeePass

Hi All, I’m facing a situation where the process stops when the password of an main application have to reset. So we would like to build a workflow to reset the password automatically.
However, I would like to check if we make the bot to communicate with KeePass app in a better way instead of clicking the ui (KeePass’s db which is in shared drive). This is because, the robot’s VDE does not have KeePass app.

Is there there any other idea to manage reset password?

Usually, if an application forces you to change passwords, it is because it was not changed for a certain time.
If this is the case, I would not handle the password change as an exception to a different project, but I would make it a project of its own to change the passwords every X time. This might give you more freedom to run the process in a different machine, maybe with access to KeePass.
Or, maybe it is even better to use a special account and leave the password out of KeePass (you can write a note there saying “password handled by UiPath”). I wouldn’t like a robot and a human to share passwords.