Advanced Training(Academy 2) - Assignment 2 - There is no report to download for any vendor

Unable to get any report for all vendors.

This is a message I got for all the vendors. Even If I reset the Data the problem is still there.


Please help me !!!
I am doing Academy 2 - Assignment 1 which is not completed and has not been approved by the team academy.Hope many difficult problems if you complete can you show me .xaml of this is not? Or will I be able to complete this section?
Thank you.

Hello there,
do you mind re-setting the acme data.
On Dashboard ->click User Options → Reset Test Data


I am doing assignment two. Stucked here… Any Help??

It’s just compiler error.Need proper conversion .
please see this.

I did it.but still i’m acing issue in assigning the value.

Can you share your GetTransactionItem workflow. I am facing issue in completing it.

@ddpadil I’ve mentioned that I tried it too.
The problem was the year, it only have reports for 2016.

Have you gone through the PDD.
IT says payslip from 2016 not 2017. :wink:

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I am using
TaxID = RO094782
Month =September
Year = 2016

On IE browser I get this error on a new window when I click Download Reports
404 [Routes]
On Chrome, a file gets download with content as below and filename “Report-RO094782-2016-9”
404 [Routes]

Please help me as I am stuck due to this behavioir.
I am using IE as default browser. Hence I want IE to work atleast till excel file download.

Hi Priyanka,

I had the same issue and this is really easy to solve. You just need to reset the user data.



Your resolution worked for me.
Thanks for the help.


I am stuck again with a new problem.
After updating the details in the Work Item details with comment as “Uploaded with ID ” and status as “Completed” the actual status is still “Open”.
I tried Resetting data.
Clearing the browser cache
Could you please help me.

One more observation. Today on the orchestrator the count is not getting updated on chart and queue home screen.
While if I go to transactions I can see succesful and retried transcations.
I am using the this URL:

I’m having the same issue here too.

I have tried resetting the data several times but it never has a report, I get the following error

“No report found for this vendor / month / year that you specified.”

Has anyone found a solution to this?


Hi @ConorSmalley,
are you trying to get reports for 2016?

Same here. I am not able to understand why I am getting 0/100 in assignment1 inspite of testing it from my system all work items.

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You should use 2016 as year.
Check that the Yearly reports are uploaded and you have the Work Items updated
And …
Please DO NOT reset your data when you submit your workflow

I am also having the same issue. I am not able to download any reports. I tried resetting my data 4-5 times. Still its showing the same message " No reports to be downloaded for this vendor". I checked my year also… its 2016. What am I supposed to do now?

Getting data for 2017 year but there is no data for 2016.