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Dear all,
I have minimum programming background and would like to seek some help.

  1. I have an excel table, which I have extracted into a DataTable, with column header “Item”
  2. I need to match “Item” with this table (Oracle applications) shown below and if matched, click the selection box on the far left.

These are the UI element screen capture for the table and “Item” column.

I am stuck with iterating through the column “Item” to find the match. Hope some kind souls can provide some guidance.

Thank you.

Try to check and differentiate selectors of each row item. Normally, it has idx or rownumber attributes which you may use to get each row value.

For your scenario seems the idx uniquely describes each row item. You can have a while condition iterating for each index. It will go something like below:

rowindex = 1;
While(GET TEXT ‘ItemList of Values’ has no error)
GET TEXT ‘ItemList of Values’
Selector = <wnd app=‘jp2launcher.exe’ …> <java idx = ‘"+rowindex.ToString+"’ name=‘ItemList of Values’ … />

//Your logic here (e.g. add row to datatable)
rowindex = rowindex + 1; //increment to get the next row item

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Thank you…

Will try out these recommendations and post back.

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