Reporting Status/tracking process Innovatively

The Report Status activity enables the agent to know whats currently happening or track status of the process. But I noticed the Robot tray is pushed to the background when the automation involves clicks on screen. At this point we won’t get to know the status at that particular moment.

How about enabling a feature that shows the status text to the bottom right of the screen?

  • The text should have a transparent background.
  • The text length can be limited to say 20 characters.
  • The feature should be flexible enough to set the position of the status text: top-right, top-left, bottom-right, bottom-left.
  • The feature if enabled should always be shown on screen.

This feature will really help at the time of client demonstrations as well as a helpful feature for the agents to know whats happening.
This feature can be extended to a vertical /horizontal progress bar with short texts to show the progress and status of the process. This can be expanded and collapsed as needed.

Hi @Siddarth_Nair,
There is already similar functionality.

  1. You can have Robot Tray opened using this option:
  2. For the actual status of the project you can use Report Status activity.
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Hey @Pablito, the robot tray gets pushed to the background, even when it is set to “Keep in taskbar”. Maybe OP means a “Always on top” option for the robot tray.

Cheers, Lukas

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Yes, but always on top option is not available as Robot could cover part of the screen needed to be used in the workflow for example in OCR actions etc.

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That I understand. I tried out a Go! component for attended robot status a while ago:

It covers parts of the screen too and I didn’t like the style options, but it helped with the status…

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Thanks @Pablito for your reply. As @lukasziebold pointed out, “Keep in Taskbar” option doesn’t keep it visible enough to view the status throughout the automation cycle. I feel like the “Report Status” activity feature is worth only if we can view the robot tray always on screen. It is true having the robot tray visible all the time can impact OCR activities if the region is blocked by the robot tray. So I propose, how about developing the robot status text like the toolbar feature of the taskbar. If you enable the Address toolbar in the taskbar, it looks like below:

I imagine, if I click on “Keep in Taskbar” checkbox in the User Preferences of Robot tray panel, I have the status text rolling in the taskbar. That would be awesome!! So, in this way we are not occupying any desktop space, just using the taskbar space, that’s it! Plus, I can configure whether I want to see the status always or not by checking/unchecking the “Keep in Taskbar” option. This way, the status of the automation can be tracked always and looks intuitive as well! :slight_smile:

Please let me know your thoughts!

Sure, this point of view makes more sense to me. I will point this in our tracker :wink:


Thanks @Pablito! :slight_smile:

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