A simple interactive attended robot status notification. (“stop light” like, red - stop, green - go, yellow - neutral). Meant for human users sharing machine with the attended robot.
It’s sync (in this version) and the status displays for 2 seconds.
Based on an idea and VB code by @vvaidya on UiPath forums (see Any Way to Show Robot Current Status? ) - only a few changes, got it in C# and encapsulated it in a Custom Activity.

Package: UiPathTeam.AttendedRobotStatus.Activities
Author: @cornel



@vvaidya wow! Your idea became an activity :heart_eyes:

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Thank you for making it an activity, @cornel.
I myself using the VB code vvaidya provided since it allowed me to modify the appearance, but I think it will be very useful for us when we don’t need to tweak the appearance etc.

And if you happen to have any plan to upgrade this in the future, I think it would be so nice if we can modify how long will the status showed. The idea was to show status when the robot goes into “Standby mode” (waiting for a user-event) so user can always know it’s not moving now since it is waiting for user’s event not because the robot is processing something. I’m being greedy again here.

Thank you, will tell other personnels in team about this :wink:

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Hi @whyyouandi

This activity needs an update for sure.
Once I make it async - I’ll expose the display time as well to configure it and a few more things (if you have other ideas about customizing it, please be “greedy” and let me know).

@vvaidya, thanks a lot for this one, there are several great ideas you have that I think should turn into components (the “Datatable to HTML” idea in the contest, for instance, rocks - I hope you win with that one, has my vote for sure).

Also, I should release the source code for this as well, just give me a bit more time.



@batan.bensigar @bbatan feedback?

Hi , has there been any further developments to this…can we let the last message stay until the new one comes up…this way we can have the current status of the robot on display…

Hi @cornel,

Are there any updates on this? It’s a useful feature that many would benefit :slight_smile:

Indeed, if there were further customization like being able to set how many seconds it will pop up etc. it would be extremely useful and simple solution for many tasks.