reportforUiPathactivity errors dispalyed and generate balank page

Hi everyone,

I am trying to use reportforUiPathactivity. But when running it I get some errors as below.

Screenshot 2023-07-01 182436

Can anyone help me with this? Please

@sarathic run in debug mode and share exact activity where you are facing issue.
It seems you are reading something from dictionary

@raja.arslankhan ,

Thanks for the quick reply.

This is what I got when run it debug mode

@sarathic Expand Start Process and show us its properties


Are you trying to extract some value from datatable and using it in your workflow?
Also, check in locals panel the value you are trying to retrieve is it coming as null.



Username and passwords I get from excel. I added it browser opening and username and password to verification.

Start Test : This Activity creates new test in current suite. It is not
mandatoryto create report/suite before creating any test. You can directly start
with this activity. But as a good practice first initializereport then create new
suite then use this activity.

Steps followed by Start Test:

First it will check is any report initialized, If not then reporter will initialize
default report.
-Then it will check is any suite created, If not then reporter will creates default
suite in current report.
-After confirmation of Report & Suite creation, it will add new test in current
Finally updates report content.
Properties :
2.3.1 TestName [mandatory]:It accepts string value, which is name of the
2.3.2 Test Description [optional]:It accepts string value, which describes what
the test all about.
Options :
2.3.3 Test Tag [optional]:It accepts string value, which can be used to filter out
tests. Tag name could be module name or any text that represents test.
2.3.4 Priority [optional] [Default : Low]:It accepts Enum value of typepriority.
Priority can be Low, Medium, High, Critical.
2.3.5 Tests [optional]:It returns list of string value, List will contain names of
all the teststhat are created in current report.

Is this the solution? As you mention only the test name seems to be mandatory. I have already added.right ?
How can I resolve this error ?
Start Test: The given key ‘0’ was not present in the dictionary.


Can you open exception details from locals panel and check if more error info can be provided please

looks like some default value needed is not present or is not provided

to know better ideally it creates a report folder and required files…can you check if any of those are created so that we can try understand where it failed

one issue can see is you are using create report and test suite but not providing the output of those to this activity as input…either use only this or provides output from those activities to this activity


Hi @Anil_G ,

After I give the report id the error is gone but still the report appears as empty.
Can you know the reason ?

My workflow created as

  1. ExcelScope activity
  2. Create Report activity
  3. Suit Activity
  4. Start test activity ’
  5. Browser Activity
  6. Step status Activity


Can you please try giving the description and name also so that it would try to add them…

Also make sure to remove all previously created folder or file and try it

As it is 3rd party activity we have limited scope to get more details


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Hello @Anil_G .

Now I got the contents of my report thank you very much for supporting me.

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