Encountering an error with the "Start Test" activity in a UiPath Windows project

I’m using the “Start Test” activity in a UiPath Windows project, but I’m encountering the following error: “Start Test: The given key ‘0’ was not present in the dictionary.” Additionally, there is a reference to an “Invalid report id.” Please help to resolve this issue?

Hi Indrani,

The error message you’re encountering, “The given key ‘0’ was not present in the dictionary,” along with the reference to an “Invalid report id,” typically indicates a problem with your test configuration or data. It appears that the “Start Test” activity is expecting a specific key or report ID that is not present or properly defined in your test data. To resolve this issue, ensure that you have correctly configured your test data, and cross-verify the keys and report IDs being used in the activity. Also, validate if the data source, such as a dictionary or other data structure, contains the expected keys and values. Identifying and rectifying the discrepancy in your test data should resolve this error and allow the “Start Test” activity to execute as intended.


To resolve the Start Test The given key ‘0’ was not present in the dictionary" error in UiPath, check and ensure that you have configured and set up your test cases correctly, including assigning valid report IDs.