@Reply to the same mail


How can I reply to the outlook look mail with attachment?


You can’t “Reply” to a message using Send Outlook Mail Message Activity. As far as I’m aware, you will have to utilize PowerShell script for that. If no one else comes up with a different solution, I can put something together for you. Then You’ll just have to pass variables to that script, like Body, Attachment, etc.

Someone else please feel free to weigh in.

I have not done this myself, but there has to be a way in UiPath. You can use “Get Mail Message” to store the Mail into an object, then using “Send Outlook Mail Message” you can use the Foward property with that Mail Message that you retrieved. I’m not sure on the result of this though.

Hi Clayton,

I have done with get outlook message and inside for each I am getting the sender address. It is working perfectly.
I used to get the address inside for each and after that giving the address variable in send outlook ’ to’ field.

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