How to replace the string value in run time

I am reading the data from xlsx file and one of the column value is “A” and changed each the value in each ron like “A”(row 1), “C”(row 2), “R”(row 3) …

I need to change the string output like if “A” then replaced to “Alpha” or “C” then “Cat” or “R” then “Red”.

you want to replace Column Values??

Yes please, in one statement like .replace(“A”, “Alpha”, “C”, “Cat”, “R”, “Red” ) like this

Read Range and get Output as OutDataTable
use ForEachRow pass OutDataTable
use IF condition like is row(“yourColumName”).Contains(“A”)
row(“yourColumName”) = “Alpha” and so on

Main.xaml (10.2 KB)
Chech this sample

Thank you Pradeep!, with out IF condition is there any other way to string manipulation ?


This is replace only 1 value, i need to replace multiple string’s at a time like .replace(“A”, “Alpha”, “C”, “Cat”, “R”, “Red” ).

you need to put it inside a for each activity


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Thanks Pradeep!, will try this.

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and let me know!