Populating text in Powerpoint template (one page)


I have a task to populating text in a powerpoint template. please see attached example. More specifically, I need to replace different placeholders in the powerpoint with different variables’ value. in the meantime, keep the format in the template.

I am wondering if this is feasible with UiPath? if yes, could you let me know how to achieve it? if not, is there any other workaround?

Thank you very much in advance!

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Templates.zip (31.3 KB)


I saw your question and got curious myself. I found and tested this Custom Activity in UiPath Go! doing just what you described in your post:


It is pretty self-explanatory aswell. Only tricky thing might be finding the correct ShapeNumber, but you only need to find it once if the template doesn’t change :slight_smile:
Good luck!


Thanks for the great suggestion! It works fine for the plain text. But I would also like to enter text with bullet points in powerpoint shape. I didn’t find a way to achieve this with this custom activity. Is there other workaround?

Thank you very much!