Replace text in double quotes

Hi All,

I want to replace my text
placeholder=“robot” with placeholder=“testRobot”
How it can be done?
Pls suggest

hi @somya177
you can assign…


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hello @monika.c

you can do it as below

Placeholder = “robot”

placeholder = placeholder.replace(“robot”, “testRobot”)



this is a variable value and will be changed every time… so I can’t hardcode it…next time it Can be placeholder=“uipath”

Hi @somya177

  • Assign Your Text placeholder=“robot” in StringVariable Suppose as StrVar
  • Use strVar.Replace(“robot”,“testRobot”)

TestRobot is a variable value and will be overwritten


  • You can do using String Manipulation Follow the following Steps.
  • Store your string Value in string variable as Strvar.
  • Use StrVar.split(“=”)(1) Suppose this is Your Value To be replaceVar
  • Then Use StrVar.Replace(replaceVar,YourValueTobeReplace)

Hi @somya177 ,
First, assign the value, which is changing every time in a variable. Like
‘variable1’=‘that mentioned value’
Now, assign like the below -
‘placeholder’ = ‘variable1’

Thanks & Regards,

actually it is overwriting the placeholder, my requirement is to change the value placed in between the quotes of placeholder with the variable value

if it’s placeholder=“robot”
then if I pass variable value to be “Uipath”
then it should display placeholder=“Uipath”

I tried this…but it is showing error: htmlText.Replace(“placeholder=”,“placeholder="”+value+“"”)


  • SampleString is you variable containing PlaceHolder=“AnyValue”
  • Suppose YourValue to be Replace Is stored in ReplaceValue Variable.
  • Use SampleString.Split(“=”)(1) And Store this Value in another Variable Suppose ValueTobeReplace
  • Then Use SampleString.Replace(ValueTobeReplace,ReplaceValue)
  • I hope this will help you.Sequence.xaml (5.1 KB)

it overwritten my whole webpage…:frowning:

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