Replace Double Quotes (") with 2 Double Quotes ("")

Hello there,

Anyone know how to replace the double quotes (“”) in a string with single quotes (")?

UiPath does not like it when I try to make the replacement “”".

Thanks :v:


"some text ""hello"" "

This will give the MyVar variable a value of some text “hello”…

Meanwhile why you need double quotes in a string

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You can use Char(34)

regex.replace(“your text here”,chr(34)+chr(34),chr(34))

@KamKam - Let’s say your string is yourString = Kam"Kam
the use yourString.Replace(“”“”,“”“”“”) it will work.


System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(MyString, chr(34), chr(34) + chr(34)) worked. Thanks.

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