How to read Excel, find, replace and delete text in Words with loop

Hi there!

I would like to automate the following,

  1. Read “Found Words” in excel, find and replace the text (text to be replace is in excel “Replaced Words” in existing word document
  2. Read “Found Words” in excel, find and delete the words (i have indicated in column 3 which are the words to delete) in the same word document
  3. Once completed, save the revised version as a new word document

The excel looks something like this.

Can’t seem to do it on my end, please help. Thanks in advance!!

Hi @weelearns

Checkout this


Hi @Sudharsan_Ka, thanks for the quick reply, but im looking to replace the text in the another word document and not in excel…

Hi @weelearns

  • Read the excel and store them in a datatable
  • For each row in datatable
    • Word Activities to replace the text


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