Find and replace activity in data table


How can I find particular string and replace it into another string in the data table.

Minal Patil


could you please show us the input and expected output?


Hey @minal.patil If you know in which column the value is present. Then you can use lookup datatable activity.if the value is present then you can replace that particular value with the value you need and assign that to the datatable.
The output of the lookupdatatable activity will be the row index of the searching value if the value is there or if the value is not there the output will be -1
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run 1st time: find 12051 in data table and replace it into 12051_A.
so now value is 12051_A in data table.
if it’s run multiple time: find 12051 in string"12051_A" and replace into 12051_A, Not 12051_A_A

I don’t know column name/number


Try this:

  1. Read excel - output - DtOut
  2. Take one for each row in data table pass the DtOut
  3. Take one if condition and pass the expression like this

In then Block take one assign activity and pass the value like this

Assign ReplaceText = CurrentRow("ColumnName").ToString.Trim.Replace("12051","12051_A")

Use add data row and pass the rows in ArrayOfRows


you can use following syntax

(From r In DT_Data.AsEnumerable Let ra = r.ItemArray.Select(Function (x) x.ToString.Trim.Replace(" ",“NA”)).toArray() Select DT_Data.Rows.Add(ra)).CopyToDataTable()

I don’t know column name.

It’s not working.

Error: “Collection was modified; enumeration operation might not execute.”

Hi @minal.patil

  1. Use Excel process scope activity

  2. Use excel file activity

  3. Find and Replace activity


In Client machine there no Microsoft Office installed.

Only use Data Table activities.

Can me give any example