Repetition of an iteration within a loop

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is it possible in UiPath to repeat an iteration going inside a loop?
My process works with a not very well deigned application (app cannot be changed). The process looks for a client by enetering an identification code (ID) in the app. Once client is found, series of activities is performed. Each client is a single iteration.
Sometimes the process cannot enter an ID and due to this erroe it chooses random client. I created a veryfication system which prevents the process from going futher in such case.
I also designed a flowchart within the loop so in case the ID was not entered properly, a flow will go back to an ‘Entering ID sequence’ and will enter the ID again.
Unfortunately everytime a repetition is performed the process enters ID for next client.

And here a question comes up - Is it possible to repeat an iteration from i.e. for each loop within for each loop?

Hi @Piotrek_Murawski

I have this logic on some of the projects,

  1. Get the data in the datatable.

  2. Add the column named status using add datacolumn.

  3. Use do while loop and check if all the values in the status column is successful.

  4. If it’s not use for each rowbpass datatable inside for each row use if condition and check if the column status is not successful .

  5. Do the process and update the status as successful at the end end. In else do nothing.

So the logic is loop process the data untill all the value in the column status is successful.


Hi @prasath_S ,

thank you for such a quick reply!

Your idea sounds interesting, I’ll check it out :slight_smile:

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