Repeat Sequence

Hello all,

My BOT reads a grid in Delphi whose content I can only get via “get Visible Text”. It should search for a certain value and click on it when it has found it. This only works as long as the text is in the “get Visible Text” area. If the value is outside, the bot would have to scroll down and try the whole check again. My idea is to search for the value via an if-condition and if it does not find it, scroll down in the else area. I can get there, but how can I tell the bot to restart this sequence after scrolling?

Pls try with a while loop to iterate it again and again with a condition you have

Cheers @NHoe

Why use Get Visible Text? Why not just use Get Text and don’t worry about scrolling?

Hi, I don’t know why, but I only get the content from the grid output via get visible text, all other activities return no result.

Thanks for the advice and where do I put the loop, as I have no experience with it yet!?

Could be a selector issue. You should focus on trying to get the regular Get Text to work rather than overcomplicating with scrolling etc. Show us the selector you get for Get Text.

here the two selectors of get visible and get text

Do it in Ui Explorer so you can see the page structure. Are there any page objects below “ctrl role=‘client’”?

There is available.

Why do you have anchor selected, not element? You should have “indicate element” selected.

I have just done that, but the content remains the same.

Navigate the tree on the left and see if there are any levels below the “ctrl role=‘client’” object.

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