Repeat activity scope

It seems like it would be helpful to have a “Repeat” activity scope. Anything put within the scope would be repeated the number of times specified within the properties

I realize there are ways to accomplish this, but it is clunky (e.g. using while loop). There have been a number of times where this would be helpful and make the code much cleaner than including the same action 10 times or building a while loop and counter

Hi @Dave,
Have you tried to use image activity? It seems to have exactly what you need.


Hey Pablito - yes I have tried it and it is close, but not exactly the same.

Retry activity scope requires a boolean to be used and continues if true - I’d want it to repeat ‘n’ times regardless. Another issue is that in a retry scope, it will retry automatically if an error is thrown - the proposed repeat scope would handle errors normally (i.e. would throw it, unless caught in a try-catch)


@Dave now I see your point. Thank you for suggestion! :slight_smile: