Retry Scope - NumberOfRetries

Hi All, regarding the NumberOfRetries property in the Retry Scope activity - is the NumberOfRetries value the number of times the specified activity is retried AFTER an initial run or in total? I.E., if that property is set to 3, will the activities in the retry scope be executed 3 times total, or four times total (1 time as initial try then 3 additional “retries” if not successful)?

In that example it will run 3 times, in other words, the first time it enters it will consume 1 of the retries, for more info you can check the example from this link: hope it helps :slight_smile:

Just to clarify, the NumberOfRetries is how many times it loops back. If it’s 0, then it only performs the action one time. If you set it to 1, it will perform the retry one time. and so on. (EDIT: by ‘perform the retry’ I mean it will loop back and perform the action again)

Hope that helps