Repeat Action by number of times in excel

I tried searching in the forum.
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I have this excel file

I take action to create .txt file with Excel content

How can I create multiple files according to the number of times in the “loop” and the filenames are changed according to that sequence number.
I would like to receive:

  • “+red5+”.“+red7+”.number1.txt"
  • “+red5+”.“+red7+”.number5.txt"
    line 2:
  • “+red5+”.“+red7+”.number1.txt"
  • “+red5+”.“+red7+”.number2.txt"


The flow which you’re designed is absolutely correct…

But we can’t create the file with Double quotes…

You can create the file with single quote…

The flow is correct this will iterate through all the rows and will create the new files based on the row data…

If you’re getting any error could you please show us the error?


Hello @VuCamp

In highlighted field type below


you can create the curr_rw_index variable in properties pane of for each row


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thank you my friend
It helped me

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Great !
Please mark my post as Solution.

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