MA Creating txt files for each row of excel file with dynamic names and other tasks


I need help for my MA thesis.

I have the next task - create separate txt files with motivation letter of some students.
there is an excel file with one column of the ID number and another column with web Links (where is a lot of stuff including motivation letters. )
The robot must enter link scrap motivation letter (string) create txt file with the name of ID from the same row. and save it to one folder.

And I have no Idea how to do it :smile:
can anybody help me with this task? I am in real trouble :slightly_frowning_face:


  1. Use Read range activity for excel reading and store it into data table dt1.
  1. Use For each row activity to iterate through dt1.
  2. Create a variable “IDName” and store the value of Row(“ID”).ToString. Create another variable “Link” and store the second column value Row(“Link”).ToString.
  3. Use “open browser” activity with passing the Link variable in it. This will open your web page.
  4. Use GetFullText activity to scrap the motivation letter and store it in another string variable strData.
  5. Use “Append line” activity to append data from strData to this file. Also, pass the variable “IDName” in FileName property. You can also pass your path in string format before IDName variable. This will create file automatically if file don’t exists.

Let me know incase of any queries.

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thanks for the reply. ill follow your advice and ill write to you.

I could not manage to do something unfortunately

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