Read multiple txt file content to Excel

Hi I have more than 1 text files content want to be written to excel, but the below workflow doesnt work

Need advice. Thanks

Surround read text file with for each activity and give the txtfile like file in textfile


We need to use loop as TxtFile is string array. Hope the following sample helps you.

Sequence2.xaml (7.9 KB)

This is just mock. please modify it to fit your requirement.


Thanks for your help. but in the opened excel, I only got one text file content written in the excel, dont see others text file content.
eg. I have 4 text files this time, only 1 of them is written in the excel


Can you share your txt files, if possible?


ops…sorry just read it again, thought you meant my flowchat.
my txt files is like the below

file names eg. 7890_001-001, 1234_002-002 etc