Renew Community Edition license

How to renew Community Edition license??

If you have Community Edition you shouldn’t need a license. However, other people have asked this so I’m a bit confused. Are you definitely on CE? can you screenshot UiPath loading and also the license question window on startup.

Please find the attached screenshot showing expires in two weeks.

I have just downloaded the Community Edition and it also says expires in two weeks. However, as there is nowhere to enter a license, you simply click start free, my guess is that this is just a generic value.

@qateam - is this just a fixed value? might be worth changing this to say no expiry date to avoid confusion.


Hi guys,

Even the Community Edition “expires” every 12 weeks. That means it needs to be renewed following this link:


Hmm…so a few things

  1. The help menu says two weeks (not two months) even though I downloaded it today.
  2. Even after registering once, every time it starts it asks for your email address
  3. Could we put the link to renew the license inside the Help menu by the license information? If it doesn’t already.
  1. That will have to be investigated. Mine says 6 weeks now.
  2. That’s odd. Did you make sure that you don’t open the installer every time since it’s also an .exe? Please try opening UiStudio.exe from %localappdata%\UiPath\app-17.1.6435
  3. I think this would be helpful since a lot of people are asking about renewing the CE. You should put it under Ideas category and see if product team agrees.
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I have tried opening UiStudio.exe from %localappdata%\UiPath\app-17.1.6435 still it is showing expires in two weeks