After renewing license, I still got error message

Dear community,

I need to renew my UiPath Studio CE license. So I got forward to this website: UiPath

After submitting the data, i restarted the studio but I still got the error “Server License Expired”. I tried it several times, always with the same result.

My device ID is N9OTVMyuEA54sg5u699B.

Could you please give me advice?


Still getting the same error after renewal.,
My device ID is cwht/2lw9IpH5DQtHnkU


Hi Vicky,

That because you previously requested the Trial version, which means you entered a license key that has expired. The Trial version doesn’t get renewed by filling that form.
Check this out:

From here: UiPath: Community, Enterprise & Installers


I am having the same problem as @nic1 . After submitting the data, the website says, that my license got renewed succesfully and that UiPath should work again after a restart. Then it starts all again.

Kind regards

Hi Frank,

So you previously activated it using the Start Free option?

I guess so but i dont remember -.-
Is there a way to check?

hi @ovi, regarding your point on “Community Edition expires in 12 weeks. After this period it has to be renewed here: UiPath”. Is there any term and condition to renew the community edition via this link? I have tried to submit it via this link and it has mentioned that “Your license has been updated, please restart UiPath Studio Community.” However, this doesn’t seem to work in the physical UiPath studio, activation is still required when open the uipath studio.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Hi, Nic.

Did you manage to solve your problem?