Renaming new.xlsx to new_currentdate.xlsx

I have file called abc.xlsx…
I am using move activity and want to rename the file.
I am able to move the file. But how shall i rename the file abc.xlsx to abc_1122.xlsx…

Used trim to remove .xlsx from abc.xlsx before renaming… But npt sble to do… Please help me

check the below thread link might help you-

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Tried this but i am getting file not suppprted…
When i checked in message i am getting like

Abc.xlsx_20-05-2020.xlsx… Which o dont want

Check with this, @Newuser123

Hope this may help you :slight_smile:

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can you share screenshot of move file activity that u are used?

Hi… @Newuser123

This will help you…

  1. Read the filename
  2. Split with extension
  3. Take Assign activity to assign new file name
  4. After copy file with new name.


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Above image, i am usong below steps

  1. Path exists
    Here i am using a argument
    In_alertsfile = “mail.xlsx”
    Taken into boolean variable alertfileexist
    Now checkong if condition whether that file os present pr not… If it is present then,
    I am moving the file to some folder

Above image u can see,
In_alertsfile is mail.xlsx
And in_alertsbackupfile is folder nsme i. E. “backupfolder”

I want solution is when i am moving the mail.xlsx file to this bsckfolder, it has to get renamed to mail_currentdatetime.xlsx.

which will give you: mail
Then use
which will give : .xlsx

So while using Destination
Give backupfolderpath+Name+Now.Tostring(“ddMM”)+ext


@ImPratham45 thanks so much… It worked

Your Welcome!
Happy Automation…

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