Rename web downloaded excel file and save in particular path


I am rookie to UIPath. I have requirement where I need to rename the web downloaded excel file and save in a particular path. Request your help on this.


@Narendrapu, Follow this, Move a file or Rename a file - #5 by aksh1yadav

Dominic :slight_smile:

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not able to locate rename a file

Hi @Narendrapu,

When you are moving the file there are 2 inputs
source and destination path
Source as : C:\Users\TTT\Desktop\dataFiles\sss.txt
Destnation as : C:\Users\TTT\Desktop\Test\ttt.txt

This way the file is renamed and moved also.

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Hi Priyanka,

That works :smile: Is there anyway we can change the Delimiter while saving the destination file?

Appreciate the help.


Can you please give example. What you wanted to do exactly.

I need to save the file (from web) in a particular location in my system and in a particular file name… I don’t need to move it… the file have to be saved in a defined location with the defined name…
Can anyone help me?

Hi Joseph - You can use Read and write activities of excel and also with the desired name.

It needs to open the particular file… I need to rename the file and relocate the downloaded destination while downloading it.

Hi Joseph,

Did u find any solution ? if yes, can you please help me out here?

yeah. I got a solution that I’ve save the document in a particular folder and read the single excel file . When I’ve read that i saved that in a datatable and then I moved that file to another folder (So the previous folder is still empty. So, I can read another file while downloading it in the same folder.) without renaming it. And i used that datatable value for further use