Rename an Excel file

How to Rename the downloaded Excel file.

  • We have multiple login credentials in Excel.
  • We want to read login credentials one by one in Excel & login to application & download the Excel file.
  • I want to move that Excel file to a particular location & Rename that excel file as login name.(Ex: Read cell)

I strucked in rename the excel file name as per Excel sheet login name.

@NPGOPIKRISHNA, Solution would be:

Use Move File Activity.
In From section give the current path and in To path give the file path which you desire to do.

For Example:
From : D:\New.Xlsx
To: D:\New Folder\Test.Xlsx (Here Test is like your login name).

Dominic :slight_smile:

You can assign the value you read from a cell to a variable and use the variable in your Move File activity for the renaming destination. In addition, be careful with hard coded file locations though, as it will hinder easy deployment (e.g. if you don’t have D partition or in some cases this might be an external drive, you will run into issues). Maybe better to use a relative file location, or at least store the location in a variable.

Thanks a lot