Change the name of the Project

I have named the Process as xxxxx. A folder with the same name is created . I would like to rename the process as yyyy. Even when I renamed the folder and opened the main.xaml, the process name is shown as xxxx only. How should I rename a Project or Process.

in the left panel go to “project” there on top you will see a gear button(second last one),
click that you will get the option to rename your project

This will change the project name in all required places like project.json file
Donot manually rename the project folder as it will not be correct way

@Anandhi You can also try this way

  • Open your project.json file


  • Change the name, save the file


  • Close and reopen your Main.xaml
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It worked! thanks

Thank you. I will follow the suggesstions given.

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