Remove the value from the row if it contains the following(+,-,(,))

Assuming that the row value containg the contact details like mobile no and land line number if its a mobile number its form (+91-9876543210) i want to remove (=,-,91) if its land line its of form(04423456789) i want to remove the open and close bracket if any ofthe row value like this (9876x34533)i want to rejecct the value please suggest me a valid condition


you would use substring/replace functions and give a try.


User Regex


Hi @FASupport21_Praveen_Kumar,

Try to replace that particular special character with space that should work.
Take a look at this video that might help

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@FASupport21_Praveen_Kumar Use following regex : \d{10,11}
If the match value is null then reject otherwise take it into consideration


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Hi @FASupport21_Praveen_Kumar

I have created one Workflow from which you will get your output 100%

Below is the excel where the input data is stored same like you shown in your post

This is the output got when I run my workflow and which is the same that you are finding

I am attaching the same .Xaml file below, please have a look
Main.xaml (13.1 KB)
Phone No Details.xlsx (9.5 KB)

Hope this workflow may help you to solve your issue
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