Remove rows above header in Excel

Hello, I have an Excel that can change every day, sometimes at the top of the header there are empty rows and some with text, I need to eliminate these rows that are outside the header, is there a way to do it?

Hi @Nicollebro ,
You can use columns index
in data table index start from 0
A-0, B-1, C-2, D-3,…
you can get by
eg; row(0) is row(“No se han aplicado filros”)
you can use same with next columns, row(1),…
you can check by for loop, if row is empty → remove row, skip when row = header , break loop

@Nicollebro Follow this-

  1. Read range with Add headers uncheck.
  2. Find row index of your actual header by iterating in For Each Row
  3. Read range again by giving Range value based on row index in step 2 with Add headers checked.


I hope the column names stay the same way aleays…

If so …use find/replace activity and find the first column name…which gives the cell number…

Then use delete rows to delete all the rows above it …as you already got the cell number can get the row number as well