Delete the row till column header

i need to delete the datas whichever above the headers, having different 5types of excel wherese headers are in different rows,anyone help with this. @Palaniyappan @Lahiru.Fernando

Hi @priyankavivek

use excel application scope and use select range and then use send hot key as delete

Ashwin S

i have different type of excel,whereas the ranges are differ for one another for each excel file s,if am wrong correct me.

Hi @priyankavivek,

Correct me if my interpretation is wrong. You would like to remove the very first row in your excel file, which is above your actual header. If so you can either use a “Insert/Delete row” activity with “changemode-Remove”, “No: of Rows=1” and “Position=1” inside an excel application scope after the read range activity or,
In your read Range activity, set the Range as “A2”, this will ignore the first row and it will consider your second row as header. :slightly_smiling_face:

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thanks for your reply,i have been using it in loop,where it may be to remove by first row or thirdrow,so i cannot delete them specifically.(donot know the specfic range)

If you know the first column name then use it in lookup range and then using select range select.
say you get A5 then in slect range
"1:"+(Cint(range.substring(1)-1)).Tostring := "1:4"

You can use the output of LookUp range for reading that file in read range activity