Remove Process in Orchestrator, Process Data in insights will remove or not?

Scenario is

  1. I want to change the name of process “A” to process “A1” in Orchestrator.
  2. So I need to delete old process “A” and create the new process as “A1”
  3. But I want to keep all log records in Insights for process “A”
    The question is If I remove Process “A” from Orchestrator, Data of Process “A” (Ex. Log, Running time) will be exist in UiPath Insights or not?

hey there, the data will exist in insights as long as it’s already gotten to the insights db and you can see it in the insights UI. deleting things on orchestrator has no effect on insights since we keep our data in a separate database

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Michelle, Thank you for answer. Your answer is very useful.

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