Remove Exception (Try Catch) or Case (Switch) - more intuitive Activity UI

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Activities such as “Try Catch” or “Switch” are very popular and used in a variety of processes and cases - for good reason. It can always happen that you select an incorrect “Exception” (Try Catch) or add a new case to a Switch activity that you don’t need.

There is a possibility to remove/delete an individual Exception or a Case, but it’s not very intuitive. You can right-click the Exception or Case and press “Delete” in the context menu. However, people are hesitant to use it - or not aware of this functionality at all, meaning that they’d build their activity over again.

How an Exception can be deleted today (it does not remove the whole activity, as might be the misconception):
Remove Exception in Try Catch
[Edit: added screenshot to better illustrate how to remove an Exception today]

Would it be possible to add a small “Delete” button (bin icon or the X that you i.e. display in the “Multiple Assign”) next to each added Case or Exception? Perhaps there’s other useful UI improvements to further assist.

Moreover, there could be other similar activities that would benefit of this quality of life feature.

Feedback or additional suggestions are greatly appreciated - thanks!

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Activities such as these are in the System.Activities.Statements library which is so core to the foundation UiPath is built on you cannot even remove them from your project.
I am 99% sure that you cannot edit them nor extend them because they are sealed so UiPath cannot do anything to modify that design.

The only choices are to petition Microsoft to update it, which they have no interest in as their work with Windows Workflow Foundation stuff didnt really go where I think they wanted it to, or for UiPath to make its own Try Catch to completely replace this one.

I think this is a pain we must live with.

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Hi @Roman-Routinuum

Thank you for your feedback. As mentioned above, this isn’t so easy to do for the legacy projects, but for Windows and Cross-platform yes.

In fact, the cross-platform Try Catch is already benefiting from the rework:

(screenshot was taken on a cross-platfrom project with Studio 2023.10 and System 23.10.2)

We will continue investing in improving this activity view and will eventually onboard it for Windows projects as well. There are still some things we want to have there, such as an option to reorder.


Ok so thats cool, I didnt know you guys had some more options in the Windows and Cross Platform ones, I should try to figure out how you are doing it :stuck_out_tongue:

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