Bug in the Try-Catch activity

Hello Community

I can’t able to add the New Catch in the activity.

Could someone please try it out and let me know if you encounter the same issue?

UiPath studio Version : 2023.4.2

Reference Video



It was reported few days back after latest upgrade

for now the work around is to use arrow keys to select

Hope this helps


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Use this to pick exception you want this
i find only this solution for now

The issue should be fixed :slight_smile:

Hi Maciej,
Thanks for the information!
May I double confirm, is it fixed in 2023.04.3 of UiPath Studio or 2023.04.3 of UiPath.System.activities?

Hey @Gokul001 ,
Even i had a similiar isssue and below thread contains the solution

Hope it helps you !

Hey @WANG_He ,

The bug is fixed in the latest release!

Happy Automation!

Thanks mate! till … 20 characters